"For many years, we've had to live beneath these walls, taking orders from you filthy animals! 3,000 years ago, we humans have been locked in war against beasts!! We have tried our absolute best to outnumber you fools, but our so-called arrogance had forced you all to take what was rightfully ours from the start - victory over Panthera.

Therefore, we have to live on our once safe home, but NOW A POST-APOCALYPTIC WASTELAND!! But we stand, we'll show you all what we're made of!! AAAAHHHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!"

. - A quote by the most insane ruler of humans, Kahn frighteen.

The Uprising, or simply known as Mankind's judgement, is a prediction made by the Salamander Mage, where humans would destroy the barrier surrounding Planet Earth and attack Panthera as a revenge plot.

From the Beginning

This unfortunate prediction was made Eons ago by Zefuyn, the Salamander Mage who was the same one who made the Wolfstones.

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