Welcome to Panthera!

Welcome to panthera. Everything in this lovely planet is just waiting for you! However, I do want to clear up some rules here...

I. Please be kind to each other. Being a dischhard (in drakkish, i'll define it later) will lead to a block.

II. While adding fictional characters is fine, don't post fake information about them ANYWHERE. And by anywhere, i mean on every page of this wiki.

III. While criticism and opinions are fine, death threats are not allowed here.

IV. Due to the amount of dark stories of panthera, you must be 13 or older to join this wiki. This wiki isn't going down like Roblox or COD.

V. Fanart is fine, but don't post nude images ANYWHERE, in the name of pantheran squeamish.

About Panthera

Panthera is a fictional universe creatd by lionessthenightwing (Lynnae Lee) & her older brother Ultraboy96 (David Lee), which is like a polar opposite to our planet earth, with animals as humans & humans as animals. Panthera also has wonderful amenities, including Flying, Monster taming, and also partying. While panthera is the most beautiful and rich (known for their flowers like the Cat whiskers, paw rave music, and the most cutest monster the floofbeast), it also has a lot of darker side (including the foxdog flower, time rift, the most indestructive most DANGEROUS monster the hydraboi, Boydane's army, Mikey the greninja dying, the uprising, etc.)

Latest activity

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