. 4th Wall break!! Also, spoilers...Read at your own risk!! And mature content...

Lynnae Margarina "Mettaton" Lee (or LionessTheNightwing, BorderlineBadness, BorderlineLioness, Wyvern Lioness, CD-Ivy101, Pitch Black Leader, DemonBass, Lioness Lee) is an american flipnote animator, digital/traditional artist and fanfiction writer, mostly known for her Sudomemo animations.

She is also a furry, as well as going far as owning Lioness, her 2015 persona. She is also the creator of this wikia.

Appearance & Personality

Lynnae is, without doubt, a dirty-minded, unsanitary, disoriented, tired person in real life, who mainly animates on DSi and is looking forward to flash animations. She usually views herself as "a sucker for Unova & Sinnoh." However, Lynnae has also faced tough challenges in life worse than suicide, rape, depression and favoritism.

Sadly, since no one can see that she's an autistic 13-year-old (true), she was seen to have left certain fandoms.


Lynnae, growing up from abilene, is a well-known sudomemo animator, under the name =Li☀ne$$=. At the end of March 2016, she took a long hiatus, even as far as having been thought to have retired. However, she came back as of June 13, days after her birthday.

She then went back on a 2-month hiatus, only to come back on Christmas 2017. Sadly, Lynnae was planning to retire as of May 2018 because of having seen how controversial Sudomemo has gotten after Sudofox's pedophile-themed confession.

She once posted Vent flipnotes, but removed them afterwards, even though they weren't meant for attention.

In August 2015, she started Sudomemo.

In September 2015, she stole a flipnote, which had made other people steal hers, but Lynnae strongly had believed that they need to get over it. She also made a flipnote with blood and gore, but it got removed.

In October-November 2015, She was on her first hiatus due to internet loss.

In December 2015, Lynnae announced she was going to lock all her flipnotes due to one of them being stolen.

Then 2 years later, she came back. Before coming back, she joined the Wings of Fire Fandom as of May 2016, creating her first Skywing OC, Clip and the 7 dragon souls. Sadly, as of March 2018, Lynnae left the Fandom after having "new priorities," when the real reason was that the fandom was a disappointment.

Then after 2 years later, she's changed and has a new outlook on things.