Flanderization is the act of taking a single trait from a character and exaggerating it more and more over time until it completely consumes the character. Most always, the trait/action becomes completely outlandish and it becomes their defining characteristic. Panthera characters are usually the ones to suffer this, due to the writers doing anything they can to get a more dark\edgier tone, even if it means sacrificing a character's personality.

Either there are out of character personalities that are counted as against the characters we known in love, or there are personalities that will make you have no choice but to lose all of your respect you would have had for all the characters.

Notable examples

  1. Lynnae (Not the real life one) (2017-present; Turned from a serious warrior from hell into a Succubus.)
  2. Pantheran David (2017-present; Now became an overprotective brother/uncle.)
  3. Ivy the ringtail cat (2013-2016; Turned to the dark side because of her father, Emo.)
  4. Emo the ringtail cat (2014-2016; Became a gay Blood on the dancefloor wannabe.)
  5. Earthquake the ringtail cat (2014-2016; Now a muscle-building freak.)
  6. Lioness (2018; A creepy Jane the killer/BFB Four wannabe, despite her evil smile, hyper beam lasers & kirby-esque abilities.)
  7. Goge (2017; An edgy freak who tries to kill his stepdad.)
  8. Jason (2017-present; A Meta Knight copy.)
  9. Almost every Pokémon - Kingdom battle character.
  10. Tiff & Tuff (Kirby Star X Planet timeline, 2018; Two psychopaths who want to get rid of Prince Tangerine. KSxP is an example of this.)
  11. Ongrow (2015-present; A punching bag for all Pantherans until 2017.)
  12. Josh the Hedgehog (2018-present; A sonic copy who is gay for Jason.)
  13. Sunset the orange Wolfy (2018-present; A Marx rip-off. His soul form is a notable example.)